Capt Christian Yergens

Capt Christian Yergens has lived on and in the waters of Florida all of his life.  After retiring from his professional surfing career 10 years ago, he turned his passion for the ocean into guiding and sight fishing.

Christian has great natural talent in his ability to read the water, the fisheries and the various species he targets.  He enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge with his clients, continually greeting them with an aura of excitement, optimism and enthusiasm. While Christian specializes in sight fishing with fly rod, he enjoys “spin” fishing when the conditions are not ideal for the fly.

While calling Vero Beach, FL home, Christian chases the fish in their seasons; tarpon in Apalachicola Area, FL; snook, trout, tarpon, and redfish in Vero Beach FL; and chasing huge “bull reds” in the marshes of Louisiana. If you were to ask Christian what he does with his day off, he’d look at you a little funny and say, “Fishing, of course.”

If you don’t get excited/nervous before you cast at the fish in front of you, this isn’t for you.

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